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May Shop Updates


Niquy’s Eclectica reopened this week and with that I added many new items for sale.

Mini Shrines.

I’ve seen other Etsy shop owners make mini shrines, so decided to give it a try. I am very pleased with the results. Currently I am offering mini shrines dedicated to Asherah, the Gnostic goddess Sophia, and to the Divine Self. I also have mini shrines in various states of incompletion dedicated to Anat, Bast, Hestia, Lakshmi and Oshun. The unfinished shrines will be listed once the needed components arrive in the mail. I had so much fun making these I’m planing to expand my inventory and include more shrines dedicated to even more deities.

Mini shrines can be used as a focal point for meditation, prayer, contemplation or as an art piece to represent a deity on a larger altar or shrine. They also work well as travel shrines.

Check out my offering of mini shrines and altars here.

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Devotional Bracelets.

I restocked my devotional bracelets and added more gods and entities to my inventory.  As always if you would like a devotional bracelet dedicated to a god I do not currently offer send me a message and I’ll see if I can offer you a custom bracelet.

Check out my offering of devotional bracelets here.

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