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Niquy’s Eclectica (originally named Niquy’s Artisan Soaps and More) started years ago, when I began creating artisan glycerin soaps as Holiday gifts for my co-workers, friends and family. Over the years I greatly expanded my knowledge and skill in the Melt and Pour soap casting method, and in 2011 I decided to give selling my soaps a go. After a few years of artisan soaps being the main focus of my shop, I decided to take a long break. I recently reopened my soap and have decided to expand the shop’s focus to include handmade ritual, magical and devotional products for the Pagan community as well as other things. Even though soaps are no longer the main focus of my shop, many of my designs are still available on a made to order basis.

Art has always had a special importance in my family and between the many extracurricular activities of my childhood I spent a lot of time developing a love of craft making. I bring my background, skill, and knowledge in Art theory, Design, Clay working and various of other arts and crafts into the creation of my products.

I receive a lot of joy in crafting, and it is my sincere hope you enjoy using my products as much as I did making them.

Shop url:
Email: niquyseclectica(at)


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